Monday, April 4, 2016

Earn Money By Selling your Designs

I guess you have heard of many ways to make use of your designing skills, but  recently I have found a website which sells our designs and pays us a good amount of share. If you are good at designing and looking out to make a earning from it, then you have to visit this site and become a member.

Here you can print designs, drawings, photos that were created by you on the personalized products. Here is the step wise procedure for selling your works:

  1. Register at and create your own shop where people can buy your designs
  2. Create your design 
  3. This website have merchandise products like mugs, cards, t-shirts etc.
  4. Customer visit the website and comes to your online shop, selects a design from your shop and then select the product from the merchandise. Customer then places the order to get the product with your deign on it.
  5. Zazzle will then print your design on the ordered product and then delivers it to customer.
  6. With this , you get the revenue share from the Zazzle for using your design.
I hope this service will be very much useful for many of those who are good designers.

Top 5 Tips which can change your Financial Life

You need to do somethings different in order to get more benefits. Here are some of the most important action items that I have observed from my experiences. This will certainly enrich your economics and standard of life for sure.

1.  Be Aware of Financials involved

Like a saying, you can't know the depth unless and until you step into it. So it is always better to understand and completely aware of your finances to know where all your money is going. At the end of the day, it is all about your money.

As you get into minute details, you will get to know what exactly you have been doing. So, I suggest you to take control of your finances immediately.

2. Divert your Earnings

Divert your earnings as much as possible. Earlier I used to waste money whenever I see some extra money in my bank account  and finally empty my bank accounts at the end of the month. So, I have started this trick of diverting my money to different savings accounts as and when I receive payments/salary. Thus, it prevents the wasting of money on unnecessary spending and cultivates me to invest on my future with that saved money.

3. Finding alternate income sources

It would be better if we can find out alternate sources of income, which can add up your balances. This way you can be more wealthy and can plan on investments

4. Cut your expenditures

Always track your expenditures by maintaining the log and go through the expenses line by line and see where you can reduce or cancel it. I have started doing this and observed a great benefit after learning that I spend a lot on unnecessary things. This way you can cut your expenditures by minimum of 10%.

5. Be with Rich People

Like we say, moving with intelligent people will better your IQ levels, the same way you will become the average of the people you spend with. Even your standard of living will change a lot if you start hanging out with rich people. No matter you spend more sometimes but the advantage would be you learning new and awesome things that you were unaware for all these days.

Monday, March 14, 2016

15 Perfect Small Business Ideas to Setup

If you are in search of ideas for setting up a small scale business. Here are some of the common but worthy ideas on which you can start your services. You might be special in some or other skill that your are fond of and people come to you,praise you for these skills. You can turn these skills into business ideas, especially suiting for those who sit at home all the day.

These Business Ideas will surely ignite you to set up your small business on your own and can built it big with your efforts.

1.  Stitching / a Small Boutique

You can stitch cloths at your home, taking orders for custom made at best affordable rates so as to reach maximum people. If you can turn these clothes into fashionable dresses and have got fashionable people who can spend extra money for the trendy dresses, then you can setup a boutique yourself near to your house.

2.  Tuition / Coaching

This is all time perfect idea which will run everyday. It has become a necessity to every parent these days, for their child to be in good tuition center. So you have to take advantage of that in turning it to a small business idea. If your are very serious about it in expansion, you can as well groom your skills and make it bigger by joining with other professional tutors.

3. Astrology and Vastu Services

Even these services have become a requirement for people in all the activities involved. So if you have got enough knowledge on these, you can run a freelance services on these.

4. Beauty Parlor

A requirement for all the women. Don worry about the number of customers you get here, because it completely depends on the number of services the customer takes matter rather than the number of customers. If you are lucky to get some regular customers, that serves your purpose of earning some extra cash with those. It is perfect choice for housewives because it all time demanding service.

5. Matrimonial services

If you have good social network and can mediate your services in fixing marriages, then this matrimonial service would suit you much, as most of the clients prefer these kind of known services rather that online classifieds because of the trustworthiness.

6. Chocolate and Cake Makers

There will be many upcoming birthdays of children in your area and when people have got a option of only one or two regular cake services in your ares, everyone will be bored with the routine and shall look out for more better options. If you can crack the deal with some tasty and attractive cake pieces with awesome designs including cartoon characters that children may like based on their age category, you are done with the deal then.

7.  Drawing Classes

Always you will learn more by teaching your skill to someone. Thus if you have got skills like sketching,painting you can lend your services to school children who can come to you in their leisure time for learning. You can as well extend your services to some freelancing websites.

8. Physical Trainer / Self Defence Skills

Most housewives will be bored sitting idle at home. For those, as part of health perspective and passing time, you can setup a physical training classe every day. You can as well include nutritional tips which contribute to healthy lifestyle. Special Self defence classes for children as well for women, which seems to be necessary for women now a days.

9. Interior designing

If you have got real estate business running in and around your city , you can use your designing creativity to setup this business. As this is an expanding business, you will have many more opportunities coming up based on your quality of service.

10. Baby Sitting

It is a day care where parents leave their small children at your place to take care of them and educate them in some cases. This will also be a good demanding service at any time,as you find most of the parents are working these days.

11. Photography and Videography Services

Click some nice snaps of events, record videos of functions, marriages and other events if you have got photography skills.

12. Computer Skills Tutor

One day, I have seen a ad near to my house seeking tutor for basic computer skills for some senior citizens. After which I have found that there are many senior citizen associations in the city, who will be very much interested in getting updated with the computer knowledge as they see even children operating technology. So this can as well be converted in to a small scale business.

13. Dancing Classes

To have some extra fun, even adults are also interested in learning dance as a stress buster and especially interested in some forms of dances with different purposes like jumbo dance for weigh loss, salsa to have fun with their loved ones to visit pubs/discotheques. And anyhow young generation is there who always look at dance as a hobby to chill out

14. Chit funds.

This is the great small business idea. There are some around 15000 chitfund organizations in india. And Small scale Chit Funds are countless. This Small scale savings scheme is well suited for home makers.

15. Gardening services

 If you are special in grooming plants, Gardening is yet another great small business idea. You can offer gardening services to house as well hotels,restaurants.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to Earn Money From Fantasy Cricket,Football Sports at

If you are a great Cricket  or Football Lover and playing a fantasy league really excites you, then this is the best place for you to show your talent and skills. The best part is that you can earn good amount of money by winning these leagues. I have been playing since a while on this website and need to say that this is the best site I have ever come across and now I am showing my skills to everyone , some times luck is also important here to win matches and this is the best platform to showcase your luck and skills. connected sports through fantasy and makes our life happier. This is the most trusted site for money making in the world through sports. Just you need to spend an half an hour a day to create your team for the match on a particular day and check your luck and skill work for you and get lots of money as prize.

Dream11 has acquired all the legal permissions and offering a freemium fantasy cricket game. Users can register , create a team and join leagues for free- but to win cash we have to pay cash. For example 10 users can join a league where we have to pay 1,150 each and there would be two winners in that leagues who can win a total of 10,000 Rupees. So, if you are one among the winner, then you are lucky enough to win the good prize amount.

This is the only Website which pays daily to the winner and that too the very next day of the completion of the game. Many users are competing globally to win daily cash prizes. Similarly there is an option of playing the fantasy football league as well. I see this an opportunity to earn some extra money by fulfilling your fantasy creative skill thrust.

Click here to Join and Start Earning

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Top 5 PPC Sites Through Which You Can Earn Money On Your Website

Hey, if your run your own Website or a Blog and would like to monetize it, then you can usually get connected with these best PPC networks so that you can start generating some income.

Here is the list of Ad Networks.

1. Google Adsense

This is the best paying among this group. You can place the adsense right away using the widget form or by copy pasting the code which you get from your google adsense account. This comes in free and it is so simple way to earn money by placing ads in your website now. So Signup now and start earning money.

2. Chitika

Similar to Adsense it is also paying good amount and even you can use the service of advetrising your website here same as google adwords.

So , to start earning money, you need to signup as a publisher and place your ads at the right places by pasting the codes.

This is one more interesting and best PPC network. Here you can start charging the desired amount for the ad depending on the size. Signup now and Add you websites and choose the ad types,set durations and set prices for the ad zones that you wish to sell. Now, generate codes. you can view your sold ads and also check your website stats.

The big advantage of this site is unlike Google Adsense you don't have to wait for payment threshold to reach $100, it will start paying your when you reach minimum of $25.

Unique feature about this network is that it places ads in an innovative manner in line texts, in tags, in search. Increase your revenue with these unique ads by signing up and placing your ads.

Turn your ad space into cash by registering your website here. The process here is we need to display bidvertiser ads on our websites and let advertisers bid against each other. This network always display the highest bidders to maximize our revenue so that we can make good amount of money from this.

Other Websites are like Clicksor, PlentyofFish, bingads....

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Best Ways to Sell Your Art Online To Make Money

You know, if you are an Artist, you can draw a cartoon and sell them online. My friend has been doing this and now he is earning plenty cash. This is similar to our post on selling photos online to make money.

You can start off with simple stuffs and start selling them online. You can also make a living out of it very easily.

Here are some of the websites where you can sell your arts.

1. Amazon

Hey, You know it already that you can Buy and Sell goods at Amazon. You can as well sell photos and Paintings here.

You can start Earning money by posting your arts for sale at or Amazon website of your country's.


2. eBay

This is also like Amazon and famous site in the world. you can visit the eBay Art section and start selling your arts and other items very easily.

You can log in and start selling your arts to make good money.


3. Etsy

It is almost similar to the Amazon and Ebay. But here, you can sell all kinds of art including the craft works. If you are looking some place for selling off your handicrafts then Etsy is the best option.


4. Artist Raising

Mostly all the Artists have been registered here and they have started selling their arts. You an opportunity of selling arts by either free account or by upgrading to a Premium account.


5. Fine Art

Here you can sell your arts which may be in any format like canvas, acrylic, water colored, art prints etc. You can as well sell your designs like posters, digital arts etc, and This site would be helpful for those living in US.


Some of the other famous sites are like Craiglist, Artsy,Art Fire, Art PalArt Plode.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sell / Buy Your Photos for Money Online

You know, you can earn money by sharing your photos online. You can even do this with your smartphone if you are smart enough in photography. This is the best option to turn your Creativity into Opportunity for making cash.

There are many websites where you can sell your creative digital photos and make some good money from them. Some of the famous websites are , fotolio, istockphoto,Photoshelter etc. where you can upload your pics and start earning money.

Stock Photos from 123RF


If you really feel that you have love for photography and can take some best snaps of nature,animals, places, landscapes, spots, events etc.  You can then sell the pictures on the mentioned websites by online right from your own place and at your desired time.

You can not only sell the real images, you can even sell off vector images, illustrations , footages etc.

If you would like to Buy good images from other sellers, you can as well do that here.

So by this you can earn money by doing what you love.

Here are some resources which might be very useful for you guys.

1. If you are seriously looking this option as an opportunity to earn some money, then follow these guidelines before capturing pictures with your camera, Click here for guidelines

2.   You know you can print your photos for free online, This would be helpful to test your captured pictures with these free prints. You can as well make use of this resource. Click here for free Photo printing Websites.

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